Pace Georgia LLC – a shareholder & managing company

Established in 2000, is a privately held limited liability company registered in Georgia. Pace Georgia business activities are held by owning and managing the following companies: Pace Shipping LLC - 100%, Pace Trans LLC – 100%, Pace Terminal LLC - 75%, Zim Integrated Shipping Service Georgia – 49%. Transford LLC – 50%. B&P LTD – 80% owned by Transford, Metalex Trans – 52.5% owned by Transford. Primary business activities include port & terminal operations, warehousing, stevedoring, freight forwarding, cargo transportation and vessels agency at sea ports of Poti and Batumi.

Pace International LLC

The company registered in USA is in charge of ocean freight and vessels chartering.

Pace Trans LLC

Pace Trans LLC - Owned 100%, the company is a freight forwarder, provides logistic services.

Pace Shipping Agency Ltd

Pace Shipping Agency Ltd - Owned 100% by Pace Georgia, the company is a ship's agent in Poti and Batumi Ports

Transford LLC

Transford LLC - was founded in 2010 by PACE International LLC and PACE Georgia LLC for the purposes rendering stevedoring and storing services (loading and unloading ships) in Poti Sea Port. Transford LLC is focused on Bulk Cargo handling activities and operates four berths 3, 4, 6 and 15 of the Poti Sea Port. The company has two subsidiaries including B&P LLC (80%) and Metalex Trans LLC (52.5%). Transford LLC was granted an ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate in 2013. In 2013 Transford LLC purchased Poti Shypyard Factory


Owned 80% by Transford LLC, company is focused on General & Bulk Cargo handling activities and operates three berths 8, 9 & 10 of the Poti Sea Port.

Metalex Trans LLC

Owned 52.5% by Transford LLC, company is involved into Bulk Cargo loading and unloading operations in port terminals. The company operates one berth number 5 of the Poti Sea Port.

Zim Integrated shipping services Georgia LLC (ZIM Georgia)

Founded in September 2007, Zim Georgia is a joint venture between PACE Georgia and Zim integrated Shipping Services. Zim Georgia acting as an agent for Zim lines in the Caucasus region is specialized in container handling.